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    The flavor of the application status and
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    One, the development of the food industry to drive the plant spices flavor industry

    Enter after twenty-first Century, the food structure of people produced bigger change. Self-sufficient food consumption decreased year by year, nutrition, convenient, leisure, green food of the growth in demand for new industrialization. Implementation structural adjustment and improve the economic growth under the premise of 2005, meat processing proportion from 90's of the last century, 4% to about 10%; food processing proportion also improved from about 8% to about 15%. Food technology and engineering, is a food additive development created rare opportunity.

    Consumers seeking food health, nutrition, health, but also value the fashion taste, not satisfied with the traditions of the past, the market needs more new taste to satisfy people's more and more captious taste. The flavors in food ingredients in proportion to although very small, but the flavor of food play a decisive role. It can give the food raw materials aromatizing, correction of the bad taste in food, can also be added to food in the inadequacy of aroma. Stability and food in the natural aroma. Essence of these features greatly affect the sales of food, food if add appropriate flavor, aroma. Taste will have unexpected improvement.

    At the same time, development of technology and engineering of food there, for flavor development offerred good development opportunity. Engineered food refers to through scientific formula balanced nutrition, undertake to produce species transformation, from natural raw materials extraction of nutrients, according to consumer demand, according to food nutrition, flavor and structure then reassembled into the food. For example, the fortified foods, simulation food, fat substitute, artificial ice cream. Simulation simulation crab legs, shrimp and other all kinds of food. Engineering food on behalf of the food industry is a direction of development, this kind of food is able to improve people's diet structure function, can avoid fussy people eclipse caused by malnutrition. Functional food, convenience food, frozen food, microwave food arisen with promotion, for edible essence has opened up a broad market prospects. With the accelerated pace of life and the tourism development. Convenient food will have greater prospects for development, thereby requiring new composite seasoning synchronous development. This trend will make the savory flavor is even broader prospects of development.

    Two, the development of food flavor, the flavor industry has put forward higher requirements.

    Milk flavors. Citrus and fruit flavor is one that will continue to be popular, traditional mainstream tastes, mixed fruit yoghurt beverage of strawberry, orange, pineapple, in addition to belong to the more traditional fruity flavor, mango, passion fruit, aloe grape, guava, papaya, grapefruit and other application in yoghourt the growing wealth. Fruity flavors with incense for the development of new analytical techniques and application of flavor flavoring materials, from the initial fresh sweet gives priority to development to pay attention to the combination of the pulp and peel of taste, this makes the fragrance is fresh, vivid, and full of fragrance.

    After 70 years of the last century, savory flavor and fragrance research and development and production of all obtained the very big development. Device and method for analyzing progress. That chemists have found various threshold is extremely low and the unique aroma characteristic fragrance compounds, and synthesize these spices. Application of amino acids and sugars are Maillard and preparation of various savory reaction flavor, but also promote the savory flavor and flavor development.

    From the essence of development technology progress all without exception are contained on the flavor characteristics of compound discovery and the understanding. As for the characteristic flavor compounds, both aliphatic and heterocyclic, its origin is nothing more than these two routes:

    A is an enzyme process and biological process. Such as alcoholic beverages, dairy products such as perfume. Onion. Each specific food processes involved are complex and diverse. Two is an enzyme process. As in steaming, baking heat treatment process, meat, coffee and nuts flavor formation, non-enzymatic processes play an important role. There are two routes have play situations, such as bread aroma formation processes -- therefore, food characteristic aroma derived from food intrinsic precursor, with production technology changes and the formation of different flavor compounds.

    On the raw food. It contains precursor is in the process of being found. Aroma arises from these precursors of complex biochemical changes. These precursors are partially or completely decomposed, formation of reactive intermediates, and the formation of flavor substances.

    Three, study of food characteristic aroma compound rosette with precursor, has important significance for the development of new spices.

    For example, the major precursors of meat flavor. ? amino acids and sugars in the process of heating generating furan compounds of more than 100 kinds; Precursor Pyrolysis after thiamine generates multiple thiophenes as well as having meat aroma thiazole compounds; beef in the precursor RNA by enzymatic hydrolysis, heating into thiol furan and thiophene features 3? Thiol flavor compounds before; body fatty acid oxidation degradation of smaller molecular unsaturated aldehydes in chicken characteristic aroma played an important role, they can further have vulcanization and aminating reaction generates important aroma components, such as methyl glycolic pentose and hexose compounds; pyrolysis and amino acids in meat flavor compounds degradation is the main source of carbonyl.

    Black tea flavor is made by fermenting led to important changes in the typical example of precursor. Precursor of tea polyphenols on Polyphenol Oxidase formation has important taste of flavanols polymers, including theaflavins, anthocyanidins and tea by. Tea in the carotenoid is provided with two hydrogen Kiwi lactone, tea of drospirenone, 5, 6 and 9? Epoxy ionone violet ketone? Tea flavor precursors of important. With linolenic acid based oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids from unsaturated acid class provides the fragrance of tea, black tea, these studies on the preparation of flavor is of great reference value.

    In tomato flavor found in a heterocyclic compound 2? Isobutyl thiazolidinediones on tomato flavor unique play a decisive role. Lipids in tomato lipoxygenase obtained under the action of anti -3- hexenal. As for cucumber the enzymatic process is different, the main formation of trans, CIS -2, 6- nonadienal and anti -2- nonene aldehyde. In under the action of the aldehyde oxidoreductase, and can be converted to the corresponding alcohols. While some carbonyl compounds precursors in the enzymes into 3- methyl butyraldehyde and 3- methyl alcohol. Precursor carotene compounds in the pyrolysis later generation ketone flavor compounds. Therefore, in order to make vivid tomato or cucumber flavor, to understand the natural flavor generation is indispensable.

    Early start to milk flavour compounds of understanding, research and application of milk flavor, make the technology and market of unprecedented prosperity.

    From the above examples we can think of : with analysis instrument and technical progress, the future will be more food characteristic flavor compounds and their precursors were consistently found. Flavour compounds of precursors in food processing in the process of change and the study of its mechanism, as the reaction flavor in theoretical research and further development of a different model, also the reaction flavor food safety assessment research direction is proposed.

    In four, the new fragrance compounds continue to be discovered, the development and application of.

    Flavor compounds are the vast majority of low molecular organic compounds. Common aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, esters, alcohols, ethers, among these compounds, are aliphatic compounds, alicyclic compounds, aromatic compounds, there are heterocyclic compounds. Especially for the research on heterocyclic compounds used in recent years to develop the new field.

    Heterocyclic compounds to trace in flavour compounds, there are common pyrazine, furan, pyrrole, thiazole, pyridine and triazole. In fused-ring systems, cyclopentyl pyrazine and benzothiazole is the most common. Some heterocyclic compounds with high aroma intensity and low odor threshold, reached a minimum of 0.002g / kg. So. As special aroma compounds, flavor of food additives is ideal with family composition.

    In 1975 FEMA review of about 1040 kinds of monomers spices ( FEMA2001? 3444 in the removal of the natural raw materials species ), sulfur and nitrogen-containing heterocyclic flavor as of 170, about 16%. But after 1975 published 615 monomers spices ( FEMA3445 ~4068 in the removal of the natural raw materials species ) heterocyclic perfumes to reach more than 200 species, accounting for about 32% of.

    In addition to breed a large number of different reactions. Aroma and flavor spices are also widely used in food flavor.

    Five, edible spices production enterprises must increase the aroma compounds of in-depth research and development of endemic species to sustain competitive advantage.

    The United States food spices species is about more than 2000 kinds of edible perfume, the EU has about 3000 species, our country approved the trial has 1500 about a variety of edible spices. Although many types of edible spices. But according to its final products use form, can be divided into 4 categories, namely, beverage, food, dairy products and other food. In the competitive food market, the listing of new products survival, music is also estimated to only about 20%. How to make a new product to market successfully and to remain in the market, which is one of the key factors of spices absolute.

    As a result of edible spices species accounted for 2 / 3 of all food additives, complex types and perplexing relations named most of the food company must rely on spice company service, so even with the confidentiality of the development of new products, sometimes also need to spice company professionals involved. The close dependence relation between supply and demand in other food additives is a rare. At the same time, the world and the daily consumption of spices in the company continuously through mergers, mergers and joint ventures and other methods to restructure, to keep company with strong competitiveness. The company attaches importance to research and development, even for the application of R & D investment far exceed the food industry. The amino acid and carbohydrate through heating reaction namely Maillard reaction of different style flavor essence base. The authority of international institutions recognized. Also belongs to the " natural flavor " list. Another use of Biotechnology ( enzyme preparation fermentation or ) natural raw material treatment, concentrating, spray drying, post-processing made heavier fragrance or unique flavor, has become a major Multi-National Corporation and research institutions to develop the popular product. Therefore the height of the market monopoly and R & D investment, make the new company enters the perfume industry, the threshold is increased.

    Flavor and fragrance industry originated in Europe, France, Paris and Glass production of spices, Holland flavor. The British production of seasonings flavor reputation is very high. After World War II. The United States and Japan joint operation of flavors and fragrances, with amazing speed to catch up with europe. At present, the United States, Europe, Japan has become the world's most advanced flavor essence industry center. And in essence as the leading products promote the development of natural and synthetic perfume. China flavors and fragrances industry shows foreign-funded enterprises and private enterprises in the fierce competition of two strong contend for hegemony. Ranked the world's top ten flavor spices enterprises in China have investment, which by virtue of its good brand, advanced technology, large-scale investment and standardize the business philosophy, stand firmly and fight steadily, occupy the high-end market in most. Private enterprises after these years of development, strong competition, enterprises have already make first appearance, rational management for enterprises to lay a solid economic and technological foundation. Continue to improve brand awareness. Products stable quality, reasonable price, thoughtful service to win the domestic in the low-end users, constantly expanding market share, development impetus is very swift and violent. While the state-owned enterprises due to weakness of basic research, technical content is low, management means is not flexible, service consciousness is not strong, leading to slow the pace of development, some even die out.

    In six, our country flavor industry development direction.

    One is to increase the strength of structural adjustment of industry products, adjust the natural spices, synthetic spices and flavor of three categories of products the proportion, especially in promoting the development of food flavor, add variety, improve quality; two is to make full use of our country's geography, climate and resource advantage. To increase the natural flavor development, pay attention to breed seed selection and resource protection and regeneration, in particular our unique advantage breed; three is to increase investment in science and technology, develop technical innovation energetically, develop the new product that has intellectual property, has the choice to focus the development of China's synthetic spices; four to strengthen the safety regulations and environmental protection, strengthening enterprise management to raise economic benefits; we face the rapid expansion of information, establish a flavor and fragrance industry information network for the industry, enterprises directly and quickly access and exchange of information . At the same time, to promote consumption flavor spices and international market in price, quality, regulatory and other aspects to conform.

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